The Pressures of Life

Every day I wake up

hoping things will get better

only to be greeted in

the hallway by

another pile of letters.

New bills along with

overdue reminders

all to be added to

an overflowing binder.

The pressures of life are

starting to take their toll

a feeling of emptiness

has entered my soul.

Somewhere along the road

ย I took a wrong turn

and now Iโ€™m left wishing

there was a way to return

to a time when I was able

to look on the bright side

and when I had no reason to hide.

Now as my world

is getting smaller,

I am afraid to answer

the door to any caller

convinced that whoever it is

will be looking for money

and when I plead poverty,

they wonโ€™t find it funny.

brown leather wallet using blue steel clap
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