Meaning of Life

Trying to find purpose

in this bare existence

is meeting up against

a strong resistance.

The harder I try

the question is always why.

Why do I bother

when I know I will die.

Maybe not tomorrow

or the next day

but it’s coming down

the tracks and I will be

unable to get out of its way.

The meaning of life is

an intriguing riddle

that has for centuries people

divided down the middle.

Some believe that when

we depart this life

we will arrive in a new world

without any strife.

While others say we will

be returned to the clay

where our bodies will be

left to rot and decay.

We will only learn the answer

when we are gone

and that is only if the

latter viewpoint is wrong.

scenic view of ocean during sunset
Photo by Travis Rupert on


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