Growing up were you ever

told that you were no good,

maybe not in so many words

but the message was understood.

No praise forthcoming no

matter what you achieved,

left your spirits dampened

and feeling aggrieved.

As you got older did you

ignore the negativity?

or like me did it

extinguish your creativity?

No belief that you could

amount to something

you were just another statistic

who would be

remembered for nothing.

Is it now too late to

open up your mind

and realise your potential was

there it was just hard to find.

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  1. It’s never too late! I’ve seen so many people challenge themselves in later life, for all sorts of different reasons, and been successful. By success, I mean they’ve gained both spiritually & in confidence from their own efforts, because they’ve achieved things they thought they never could, or never had the opportunity to do so. It doesn’t matter what the new skill/act is, but the tiniest step can be the key to open the door to self-fulfilment in one particular aspect of life. One success is definitely better than none, or the perception of none.
    I don’t consider myself old, but it was only earlier this year, aged 57, that I started sharing recently written poems. Until then they’d been composed in my head & later forgotten. It’s been so freeing & a wonderful way to express myself. I do it for me, but if others enjoy it, all well & good. Maybe I could’ve or should’ve done it before, but I’m just delighted that I did it at all. Go for whatever your heart desires, if you don’t try, you’ll never know. One of the loneliest & saddest questions is, “what if…?” The answer is, “why not!” 🙂

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