Three Little Words

Why can’t I say the words

you want to hear?

knowing that if I do

it will stop your tears.

Why can’t I show you

what you want to see?

when I know it could

set your heart free.

Why am I the one that thinks

he knows what’s right?

when you are the

one unable to fight.

Why am I selfish and

afraid to share my love?

when to you I will

always be your truelove.

What words do I have to say

to make you feel

you’re not in my way?

Why can’t I tell you

those three little words

that you go to bed

each night wishing

you had heard.

Am I afraid to let

you into my heart

in case you might take it

and tear it apart.

I don’t want to get hurt again

to become the latest victim

of loves hurricane.

I have picked my heart up

too many times

and now I can see

all the warning signs.

three red heart balloons
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on


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