Why be left in pain

when there is

no hope of a cure

to lie there being

watched to see how

much you can endure.

Wasting away

without a choice

in the matter

as all around you

the ward fills

with visitors chatter.

If you were a dog

or even a cat,

you would be put

out of your misery

in seconds flat.

But humans

are different, and we

must be tougher

so it’s okay to watch

each other suffer.

When my time comes,

 I want to pass

 in the blink of an eye

for I don’t want

my family to have

to watch me die.

My last wish

would be to depart

with some dignity

so my family and friends

may remember me vividly.

grayscale photography of patient and relative holding hands
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com


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