The Real Me

As the years pass

and I get older

I feel the hands

of those departed

resting on my shoulder.

They bring with

them a sense of

calm and serenity

that lets me pause

for a minute to

confirm my identity.

After a lifetime of

worry about what

others may think

I have found

my purpose with the

help of a little ink.

Instead of storing

my feelings in my head

I decided to write

them down so that

they could be read.

Now that I am

able to set

my troubles free

people are finally

seeing the real me,

A different version

whose thoughts

have no limits

and now who

treasures a life that

no longer prohibits.

white printer paper with black and silver gel pen on top
Photo by Pixabay on



  1. The Real Me is good. Writing down all your thoughts for you privately or to share is a way of releasing pressure. Over the years I have documented lots of stuff. I can imagine what my family might say when and if they read it when I’ve gone, they really don’t know the real me. Cheers

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