The Puppeteer

It finally crossed my mind,

that thought

I tried hard to hide.

What use am I when

every day I seem to be

 swimming against the tide?

Would it not be better

for everyone if

I was to disappear

to have my strings

cut by my puppeteer.

The very one that makes

my life a challenge,

who has left me feeling

lost, alone and unhinged.

But how could that be

better when I know it

would break their hearts,

to let the puppeteer win

would only be the start.

I would be giving him

exactly what he wants,

the access to more souls

for him to haunt.

There is only one

way that he loses,

that’s for me to confront him

and let him know

it’s me who chooses.

I shall embrace

the love I have forsaken

and win back the life

that was nearly taken.

red puppet
Photo by Kaboompics .com on



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