I am lying here trying to remember
the name of a song
that brings me back to a time
I use to belong.

I heard a snippet of it
on the radio today
and now it’s stuck in my head
and refuses to give way.

Its title is elusive while
the artist is long dead
but it has me humming
as I lie here in bed.

One by one the lyrics
start coming back to me
and with each line
my memory is set free.

Now as I remember it
I can’t help but smile
thinking how we use
to find our songs by turning a dial,

now we just have to
say their names out loud
and they magically
appear from a cloud.

Music back then was the
soundtrack to your life
but now nothing is original,
and plagiarism is rife.

The last of the great artists
will soon be gone,
so, it is up to us to make sure
their legacy lives on.

black and silver cassette player
Photo by Pixabay on


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