I can’t help but

feel frustrated,

one day I’m fine

the next I’m deflated.

I don’t know how

I will feel tomorrow

might be happiness

but more likely sorrow.

I wonder have I reached

the end of the line,

I can’t remember

the last time I felt fine.

The hole that I have dug

has gotten so deep

I might as well just

lie down in it and sleep

My optimism has

never really existed,

now I wonder

why I even persisted.

As I go to bed tonight

will I care if I wake up,

living to survive is

surely not enough.

I wish I could say

that I have a purpose

but I can’t see any place

for me in this circus.

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  1. I am going to assume you are writing s a poet, not speaking the moods of your mind. Of course you have a place in this “circus,” and your purpose is multi-faceted. Have you nailed down one purpose that is more pertinent and poignant to you today than the others?

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