If you look up do you

see the same sky

or from your side

of the world is it

not that high.

Is it dark or a clear blue

are you alone or is

there someone

there with you.

Though we may speak

a different tongue

we all remember

what it was

like to be young.

When worries were

an innocent distraction

from lives otherwise

filled with satisfaction.

But as we get older

problems seem to increase

until they get so bad

and threaten the peace.

So, take a second

look at the sky

and imagine how good

it would be to fly.

boy child clouds kid
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on



  1. I smile as I look up into our blue sky laced with gathering clouds. I imagine flying above them where the sky remains blue and looking back at the wind-blown robin sitting at the top of the evergreen. I invite him to join me…

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