My Depression

They look at you

with scepticism

in their eyes

thinking that

you are lazy

and the problems

in your head

are all lies.

They don’t see you

curled up in bed,

tears streaming

down your face

as you battle

the demons

in your head.

The get suspicious

if one day

you should smile,

God forbid

that your torment

should give you a rest

every once

and a while.

You try to enjoy

those moments

as best you can,

for you know

it’s the only time

you feel like a man.

It doesn’t take long

for the darkness

to reappear

and you find yourself

withdrawing from

those you hold dear.

You give in to the

inevitable regression

and return

to the world

that is your depression.

close up photo of woman with her hands tied with rope
Photo by Engin Akyurt on


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