Deja Vu

Your car has seen

a lot better days,

now it won’t start and is

blocking your driveway.

You lift open the hood

to look inside,

check the oil and the water,

then shake your head mystified.

Closing it back down

you whisper a curse,

thinking to yourself

that it couldn’t get worse.

One after another problems

have arrived at your door,

you awake every morning

wondering what else is in store.

Any luck you once had

has vanished without trace.

Now after reaching

your breaking point

you drop to your knees

covering your face

Through gritted teeth

you let out a muffled scream,

admonishing your life

and its wasted dreams.

A failure in your own eyes

and in others too,

you know this is more

than a case of déjà vu.

auto automobile automotive car
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