Going Solo

When I awake

in the morning,

will everything

be the same?

Or will it all

be different

and will I hear you

call my name.

Will the house

be alive and full

of conversation

and will I jump

out of bed without

any hesitation?

Or will I awake to

the same emptiness

that was there

the night before

as I undressed.

I will look

for an excuse

to stay in bed

to hide away

with the conundrums

in my head.

Not that I

would be missed,

my name was

never high on

anyone’s guest list.

That was

the difference

when you were

here with me

you were the one

that everyone

wanted to see.

For a long time

I just stood in

your shadow

hoping that you

would never dream

of going solo.

dark darkness loneliness mystery
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com


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