The Bubble

Living his life

like the boy

in the bubble,

staying in his room

to keep out of trouble.

Immersed in his

online games,

that I neither


or could explain.

Talking to friends

he may never meet

even if they were

to pass by

on the street.

Social anxiety

has him in its hold

and he can’t escape

no matter

what he’s told.

What the solution is

I cannot figure out,

but what I’d give

to hear him shout.

alone black and white blur boy
Photo by Kat Jayne on

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  1. I related to this because I have two grandsons who are captive to “social anxiety” and seem unable to escape. I am excited when I have a chance to “hear them shout!” It may mean they have escaped the prison of social media and are at last “let out!”

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