Gone Forever

An old pair of

ripped denim jeans,

a jersey belonging

to your favourite team.

Numerous CD’s

without their cases,

some trainers on the floor

with knotted laces.

A musty smell

now fills the air,

a brush on a locker

with some of your hair.

This was the scene

that you left behind,

a room that had

you feeling maligned.

Gone forever,

we can’t turn back the clock,

regret remains

that I just didn’t knock.

to tell you that if you

ever needed to talk,

I would be there

and we could go for a walk.

Instead I just passed

by your door,

never realising

you were feeling so poor.

The suffering you endured,

you hid it well,

now I know your life

was a living hell.

I hope that now

wherever you are,

you are shining

bright like a star.

person wearing red nike running shoes
Photo by Zain Ali on Pexels.com


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