Country Graveyard

An old headstone

in a small country graveyard,

years of bad weather

has left it scarred.

A family relative

from a long time ago

now the perch

of a large black crow.

The grave is overgrown

with thistles and weeds,

no one is around

to carry out a good deed.

You try to make out

the year on the headstone

whilst balancing

carefully on the curbstone.

He was only nineteen

when he had drowned

and it was

over a month before

his remains were found.

Newlywed, he had left

a pregnant wife behind.

Who, to a mental asylum

was later confined.

Standing in the stillness,

you offered up a prayer

for his young soul,

and that of his wife

buried in some unknown hole.

Their child grew up

to be a strong man

who had lived his life

to his own plan.

He had a wife

and a family of his own.

Including one son,

to whom you were well-known.

That son was your father,

who told you of this place.

So, now his grandfather

you could finally trace.

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