Are we heading

for a revolution?

Is it time for a change

in our evolution?

Can someone come up

with a real solution?

Or is it another case

of noise pollution?

People get excited

for a new refrain

but the same old

problems still remain.

Another year will pass

with everything the same.

Time to realise

we are all just pawns

in a never-ending game.

close up view blur game king
Photo by George Becker on


  1. It’s smart, well presented and on point message. Great work. Totally a eye opener in this generation.

    Thankyou for the follow. Consider me as your latest fan .
    Regards Dessert flower✌❤

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  2. Update: I’m the lady in red. Just decided. In a game of chess there is black and there is white. I used to be the greyface like the moon. But in all the indecision and stuff, I was forced to make a choice and so I chose to remove myself from the game and make my own way. My colour of choice is my favourite colour: red. But my heart beats blue. Mix it all up and I guess I’m purple. That’s one of my clues for you.

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