High Life

You have got a good job

and earning lots of money.

You head off twice a year

to someplace sunny.

Looking in the mirror

thinking you’ve got it made

this is the fantasy

you are happy to have portrayed.

The reality though,

is a different thing.

The happenings

in your head

and the trouble that they bring.

For how much longer

will you be able to persist?

trying to convince everyone

this is how you exist.

They wouldn’t believe

that you might be sad,

not after all the good fortune

that you have had.

They all thing

that you are enjoying the high life,

with all your money

and a glamorous wife.

If they only knew

that it was all a façade

and beneath it all

you are just a fraud.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com


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