Out to Play


What is the memory

that sets you free?

the one you go to

when needs be.

A bright summer day

when you were small,

out in the back garden

playing football.

Kicking the ball

high in to the air

then out on to the road

for a dare.

Or is it the one

when you saw her first?

You knew then and there

you had fallen headfirst.

The way she smiled

had made you melt,

you found it impossible

to explain how you felt.

When you think back

does your heart still flutter

as you remember

the first words she uttered.

What would you say

if she was here by your side?

Sorry you weren’t enough

to keep her satisfied.

You should have tried harder

to make her smile,

instead you were

selfish and juvenile.

You lost her to a stranger

who knew what to say.

Now she’s just a memory

that comes out to play.

adult bench business man garden
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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