Favourite Song

The first time I heard it

I was mesmerised,

that opening bass line

left me hypnotised.

The lyrics then

opened up my heart

only for the guitar

to blow it apart.

With or Without you

hit me with no warning

on a bus to college

one winters morning.

Seventeen years old

thinking I knew what

life was all about,

wrapped up

in a denim jacket

to keep the cold out,

I wanted to run

where the streets had no name

believing that life

was just a big game.

The world was a big

and wonderful place.

I could not wait

to pack my case.

To travel to some

exotic location

and witness

startling revelations.

But I never did.

Things didnโ€™t

work out that way,

dreams donโ€™t come true,

so, I had to stay.

Now every time

that I hear this song,

it reminds me

of the place I donโ€™t belong.

person playing sun burst electric bass guitar in bokeh photography
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com


  1. I think we all have those memories and those songs. At least I know I do. I try to believe ( with occasional success ) that new memories and new songs are in my future. Let’s hope we all find them and that someday we will all pack a suitcase and travel on new journeys and build new dreams.

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