I was born

on the

twenty-ninth of December

nineteen sixty-eight,

it should have been

the twenty-fifth

but my mother was late.

A Christmas bundle of joy,

I was to be her fourth boy.

Destined to be

the youngest of seven

whilst one had already

been returned to heaven.

I was named after

an uncle I would never meet

then securely wrapped

in a little white sheet.

Weighing in at

over nine pounds,

my arrival was met

by joyous sounds.

Fifty years have passed

without warning,

now the next chapter

starts in the morning.

new born baby greyscale image
Photo by Pixabay on


  1. β€œYou’re never too old to begin again.” Notice the apostrophe and the extra β€œo” … You’re never too late to fix your sub-title and have a very Happy 50th. Today is my hubby’s 80th. Ir’s A magical day. Enjoy!!

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