Christmas Eve

What’s that sound on my roof?

Could it really be a reindeer hoof?

The faint jingle of bells

like that of a distant carousel.

I must be dreaming it couldn’t be

he doesn’t exist, but I have to see.

I get out of bed and turn on the light.

Damn, I shouldn’t have, it may cause a fright.

What am I saying he isn’t real,

or is he? how do you explain this orange peel?

The bells get louder as I open the door,

still only believing it’s all folklore.

I step outside and look towards the skies

and there he is before my eyes.

The man in red looks down at me,

gives me a wink and laughs with glee

The reindeers fly off into the night

pulling his sleigh with all their might.

I stand there not believing what I saw,

shake my head and silently withdraw.

christmas xmas santa claus
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