My Brothers Keeper

The drawer in the dresser
is full of sentimental keepsakes

looking through them now
only makes your heart ache.

You pick up a photo
taken a long time ago

studying it hard
you can’t let it go.

The faces of your parents
look back at you

both of them younger
than you ever knew.

The look of love
was obvious in their eyes

smiling happily
as if it was all some surprise.

Now, at last
they are reunited once again

still you
can’t help feel a selfish pain.

Jealous that they
have found each other

while you are left here
to mind your brother.

Not that it’s his fault
for he knows no better

just that it’s hard
when you find life tough to endeavour.

old photos in the wooden box
Photo by Kaboompics .com on


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