Stone washed denim
and Australian soaps.

The communists aren’t 
happy with the Pope.

Dallas and Dynasty
shoulder pads and glad rags.

Rich kids are getting excited
over their latest Gucci bags.

Long haired Rock Stars
posing in their underwear.

Student protests,
the tanks are in Tiananmen Square.

Hollywood movie star
in his biggest role,

the country’s already sold.

The world was shocked
when Wall Street rocked.

Music television
promised salvation to the nation,

turned us into zombies
watching crap on rotation.

Promises of help
for the starving masses

before governments intervened
demanding their taxes.

Looking back now
thirty years later

can’t help but feel
they should have been greater.

black record vinyl
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com



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