Sitting here
in the dark
watching for
the fires last spark.
Breeze blows
under the door,
ruffles the
papers on the floor.
Another day
has silently past.
You know for sure
that it will not be the last.
In the end
you made the choice,
not that it gives
a reason to rejoice.
To hurt anyone
was never your plan,
but you had started
to think that you were not a man.
Unable to
provide for your family,
you began
to behave irrationally.
They tried
to placate you,
then realised
there would be no break through.
You left
to give them peace,
so they wouldn’t
end up on their knees.
Alone now
you wish you could rewind,
to a time
you had control of your mind.

outdoor fireplace during nighttime
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on

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