Thoughts of
social interaction
lead to a
negative reaction.
I would much prefer
to sit and stew
than go stand
in a queue.
People talking
in the shop
all I want is
them to stop.
Mundane babble
about the weather,
as if that is going
to make it better.
Going out
for a drink,
leaves me feeling
on the brink.
Barman asks
“How are you?”
I think
if you only knew.
Neighbour offers
a friendly face.
While I pray
for some grace.
Have a drink and
pay the bill.
That’s it
I’ve had my fill.
What is wrong
with you?
You fool.
Has not someone
offered you a stool?
Be polite.
Sit tight.
will be alright.

people hotel bar drinks
Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

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